Jessica Luna

Jessica has been dreaming up colorful ideas for as long as she can remember. In her work life, she’s an accomplished brand strategist, designer, and stylist, driven by the desire to bring authentic brands to life. But it’s her off-the-clock travels to all corners of the country that light the biggest spark of creativity. Jessica’s influence is seen throughout Omaha: it’s in the funky wallpaper at your favorite bar, and hanging on crisp new neon street signs. It radiates outward to Chicago and Nashville, at photo shoots and in healthcare products. With a background involving wedding branding at Méldeen, wardrobe styling, and restaurant consulting, her specialty is doing whatever it takes to fulfill the job in a spot-on aesthetic. Jessica’s urge to create doesn’t get tired too often, so you can find her dabbling in culinary hobbies such as gardening, flavored salt making, and sampling adventurous cuisines — all with her husband Jordan as number one sidekick.